#130 Gyarados

Hi Guys,

Here he finally is: my final pokémon! I saved the best for last in my opinion because i can’t tell you how pleased i am with how gyarados turned out. It took me quite some time to complete him, especially the head was a real challenge.

Ive written down the patter while i made him, so that’s coming up soon!

So far i’ve written down some new patterns for you: Pidgey and seadra are up on my etsy shop!

you may ask: what’s next? So for sure I have some more patterns to write down, so don’t unfollow my blog yet 😉



#059 Arcanine

Hi Guys!

I feel like i’ve been delaying this post for so long!

For this last but one post i’ve Arcanine to share with you. I used a lot of felt to create all the fluffy parts. I also tried to add a mouth but it didn’t work out great, so i removed it again.

Do you know which pokémon is the only one left to share?



#107 Hitmonchan

Hi Guys!

Only 2 more to share after this one! It’s a real countdown.

So this week i have a Hitmonchan for you. It took me a while to find the right color for his purple ‘dress’. He’s not quite able to stand up on his own because i made his legs stand up in a strange angle. I again used the same technique to make hypno’s fingers to make hitmonchan’s head.

Let me know what you think about my color choises 😉



#068 Machamp

Hi Guys!

This week i have Machamp to share with you! I really like how he turned out! Halfway through i ran out of blue/grey yarn, so i had to order some new online, which took much longer to arrive than i anticipated. I made the fingers using the same technique as i used for Hypno (you can find a link to a tutorial there).


Have you been paying close attention? Do you know which 3 pokémon i still need to make?


#112 Rhydon

Hi Guys!

After posting Rhyhorn a few weeks back, i now have the evolution for you! I made him with the same grey wool and had a bit of a strugle with the open mouth.

I’m working on some collages of all my pokemon and working my way through a LOT of new orders that came in through etsy. I have to say that until now i didn’t have the time to write down more patterns. I tried out some of my drafts, but i still need to write them down properly because now it’s scribbled down in my little notebook, so hang in there!

So for now, enjoy this Rhydon and as always: let me know what you think!



#085 Dodrio

Hi Guys!

Happy Easter Monday!

You know what? After Dodrio there are only 5 pokémon left!

i wasn’t able to make the legs of Dodrio strong enough to make him stand up, so i had to photography him sitting. I hope you like him, sitting or not!



#076 Golem

Hi Guys!

Off course it would be to simple to just crochet a green ball with some arms and legs and call it a day. I tried to give this Golem a more patch-like look by crocheting a lot of different pieces with a lighter shade of green on top and a more darker green in between to give it a feeling of more depth and structure. After that i sew them all together quite tightly and added the arms, legs and head.

Although it seems like a rather simple pokémon i turned out to be much more work then i anticipated. But it’s one more i can tick off my list!



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