#138 Omanyte

Hi there!

As promised: another blue pokémon!

I’ve been very creative today. Yesterday there was this big market with all kinds of fabrics for sewing nearby so i went there an bought really a lot of fabrics. So today i started off by giving all my old T-shirts a new neckline because i really don’t like those standard necklines. I ruined one T-shirt but the other went pretty good, so now i can start wearing those nerdy T-shirts I love in public 😉

Then i started on something bigger: a Red riding hood Cape! I really wanted a cape for a long time and since it’s not that hard to make i decided to try it myself. It is a deep red with a black lace lining of the hood. The hood itself is really big but the cape itself could have bin a bit longer (if i had bought more fabric). I’m going to take pictures of it soon so i can show you!

So now on to omanyte: He was really easy and quick to make so it shouldn’t be much trouble writing down the pattern but as you probably already know: i don’t really like writing down patterns :p

I’m really trying though! And once i have 4500 likes on my facebook page i’m planning on giving away some patterns!

That’s it for this week!

IMG_7661 IMG_7674


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Denny Sinnoh
    Mar 15, 2015 @ 21:42:33

    Looks happier not being in the snow : )


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