#030 Nidorina

Hi there!

With every pokémon i make i feel that i’m getting closer and closer to the end of this project. On the one hand that’s great because i have made so much pokémon now that my closets are just overflowing and i’m getting known as ‘that pokémon girl’, but on the other hand it’s also kind of sad because it has been such a big part of my life the last 3 years.

But we are not done yet! So i still have some pokémon for you, and i will start with a nidorina. She is a bit smaller then i normally make them, but i didn’t like to work with the yarn i used because it was very stringy and stuff. So how do you like her?

IMG_9071 IMG_9079

Further, i had two weddings happening this month and since they are both such geek-couples i made for both of them a charmander/squirtle duo with a little heart in the middle. The top ones are pretty big (like 25 cm or 10 inches) and the bottom ones are very small (like 10 cm or 4 inches). I’m thinking of selling the small ones in my etsy shop for gifts because i guess there are much more geek couples out there! the heart is attached to the paws with a bow so they can be separated.

Voila! That’s all for now, have a nice week! IMG_9514 IMG_9840