#115 Kangaskhan

Hi there!

Are you looking forward to christmas? I know i do! Then i will finally have some more time to make some new pokémon. In the meantime i still have this kangaskhan for you! You can see she’s pretty fierce and will protect her little cub against everything that crosses her path.


Do you know the pokémon theory about Kangaskhan and Cubone?

The idea is that originally the baby Kangaskhan was supposed to evolve into Cubone. Cubone’s pokedex entry states that it wears the skull of its deceased mother. The story goes that if a Kangaskhan mother dies, the baby will wear her skull and use her bones as its weapon, thus evolving into Cubone. The Cubone would then evolve into Marowak and (female) Marowak would evolve into Kangaskhan, continuing the cycle. There’s also the fact that both boomerangs (how Cubone and Marowak use their bone weapons) and kangaroos (what Kangaskhan is based on) both have an Australian theme. The theory goes on to state that the reason Kangaskhan became a completely unrelated pokemon in the end was because the creators thought the idea of having the baby wear its dead mother’s skull was too morbid for a kids game (even though Cubone’s pokedex entries still talk about that). So they had to rewrite the game code and delete the old code for Marowak evolving into Kangaskhan…but the code wasn’t fully deleted and instead became the glitch pokemon ‘M, which actually can evolve into Kangaskhan. (from http://animeyume.com/blog/2013/04/12/top-10-pokemon-conspiracy-theories/)

I have also started with the charity project i talked last time about. I’m selling crocheted bumblebees for a good cause called ‘Natuurpunt (the largest Belgian nature conservation organization). I’m only selling them to family and friends but i will post a free pattern to make this little cuties yourself next time!




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  1. Ngozi
    Dec 15, 2015 @ 03:52:55

    I love crochet and pokemon and the fact that you’ve put them together makes you awesome! Where did you get the patterns for your pokemons?


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