#130 Gyarados

Hi Guys,

Here he finally is: my final pokémon! I saved the best for last in my opinion because i can’t tell you how pleased i am with how gyarados turned out. It took me quite some time to complete him, especially the head was a real challenge.

Ive written down the patter while i made him, so that’s coming up soon!

So far i’ve written down some new patterns for you: Pidgey and seadra are up on my etsy shop!

you may ask: what’s next? So for sure I have some more patterns to write down, so don’t unfollow my blog yet 😉




#059 Arcanine

Hi Guys!

I feel like i’ve been delaying this post for so long!

For this last but one post i’ve Arcanine to share with you. I used a lot of felt to create all the fluffy parts. I also tried to add a mouth but it didn’t work out great, so i removed it again.

Do you know which pokémon is the only one left to share?