About the project

About a year ago is started crocheting again. My first projects where cute little figures from a book i bought, but quickly i started searching patterns on the internet. When my friend asked if I could make a Pikachu for him, I noticed that there weren’t much patterns available and that there was a huge demand for good ones. When other friends started asking to make more pokémons, i begun to experiment and make my own patterns, based on photos I found. I’m a huge poké-fan and think you can never be to old to play (or in my case) crochet it! And so the ball went on rolling, and now I’m suddenly determined to crochet all first 151 (Mew included) Pokémons of the first generation (and probably also Togepi, because he is way to cute). So this blog is for everyone who is interested in following my progress in this Pokémon challenge 🙂

I’m Winnie, I’m from Lier (in Belgium). I graduated in June 2014 with a masters degree in biomedical sciences at the university of Antwerp. I started working as a Functional Planner at CMAST in oktober. In my free time I like to read a good book, play pokémon or crochet some more 😉

IMG_4790 bewerkt2


24 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Leandro
    Jan 14, 2013 @ 11:57:46

    Als je Togepi maakt omdat hij veel te cute is, vind ik dat je ook Feraligatr moet maken. Omdat hij badass is!


  2. bestofcrochet
    Jan 24, 2013 @ 12:34:28

    Wow, this is a challenge! I think your blog is great.


  3. FroakieFan
    Jan 24, 2013 @ 16:57:25

    Awesome, dat lijkt me nog wel een hele uitdaging! Ben benieuwd naar Abra (m’n favoriet)
    Veel succes!


  4. rebeccadekroon
    Mar 19, 2013 @ 02:36:50

    What a great idea! Can’t wait to see all of your creations.


  5. Tini
    Apr 06, 2013 @ 13:32:19

    This blog is immensely awesome and I love your creations. We have nominated you for the Liebster blog award! 🙂


  6. istealyourcat
    May 13, 2013 @ 00:49:34

    You’ve done such a great job with this, I’m really impressed (and envious!) Out of curiosity, how long have you been crocheting for? And do you know what the difficulty level is for your tutorials? I’m a beginner, but I’m really hoping to get to a point where I can crochet Pokemon, though I’m assuming that’s a ways away! 😛


    • winniebogaerts
      May 14, 2013 @ 10:14:22

      i’ve crocheted a few years when i was younger, but when i started again it wasn’t long (about 6 months) before i started with the pokemon. till now, my tutorials are very basic, and i hope that they are understandable for beginners.


  7. Michelle Baker
    Oct 04, 2013 @ 20:46:04

    love your project – I have three sons, oldest 21 so have been involved as a ‘Pokemon’ mum since the first 50. Any chance of a pattern for Koldeo – I may try and figure one out myself?! This is for my youngest son who is 12. Thanks I love your site and will be an avid follower!


    • winniebogaerts
      Oct 04, 2013 @ 22:14:48

      Thanks for the complement! Unfortunally i’m only making the first generation pokemon. So the new ones from X and Y are not on my ‘next to make’ list. Probably also because i haven’t played it myself yet. Once i get there i will let you know something 😉


  8. See Sam Write
    Oct 10, 2013 @ 09:14:36

    This explains the Raichu I was just linked too XD Great project!


  9. Eden Dicosimo
    Jun 29, 2014 @ 17:59:08

    Awesome blog, maybe someday you can make a crocheted manaphy
    that would be awesome!


  10. Tina
    Nov 18, 2015 @ 14:31:36

    Hellooo 🙂

    Wow, your page is super cool! I love Pokemon and I love to crochet, so it was only a matter of time till I find this blog! I started to crochet them by myself, but I’m not nearly as far as you are.

    Oh, and just for information: I found your shop on etsy, and there is something quite funny: The site is translated into German when you open it from here, and the name of Jigglypuff is translated into “Harnsäure”, what means uric acid 😉 In German the text says: “crochet from uric acid”. I don’t know if you can do something about it, but if you can: the correct German name of this Pokemon is Pummeluff 😉


    • Winnie
      Nov 22, 2015 @ 18:19:40

      haha, that’s indeed quite funny! Unfortunately i can’t do anything about it! I only translated the page to Dutch, but thanks for letting me know!


  11. Amber
    Jan 05, 2016 @ 04:04:49

    Wow! Talk about a challenge! Oh man I definitely want to see where this awesomeness goes! Have fun crocheting your way through the Pokedex!


  12. Carole steelman
    Feb 17, 2016 @ 03:41:58

    Great!! Do you sell or share patterns?? I’m needing a pattern for sandshrew! Yours is the best looking I’ve seen!!!


    • Winnie
      Feb 17, 2016 @ 07:33:47

      Thanks! I have some patterns for sale on my etsy webshop, but sandshrew not yet unfortunatly. I plan on creating more patterns once i have the time.


  13. Gerry
    Jul 14, 2016 @ 08:09:28

    Love this idea. My grandsons and friends all want me to make them some. The oldest is 20. Lol


  14. Brigitte der Avoird
    Mar 15, 2017 @ 21:26:05

    Beste Winnie, Wat een gave pokemon figuren! Mijn jongens worden er helemaal vrolijk van en hebben mama dan ook maar de opdracht gegeven om er een paar te gaan maken! Maar ik heb een vraagje voor mijn jongste van 5. Hij is helemaal gek van Wurmple, nummer 265. Ik kan hem helaas nog niet vinden in jouw giga lijst, maar heb je hem toevallig al ergens voorbij zien komen?

    Echt super gaaf jouw Pokemons!

    Bedankt voor je antwoord!

    Groetjes Brigitte, en mn mannen: Rick(10), Sem(6) en Luuk(5)


    • Winnie
      Mar 15, 2017 @ 21:34:21

      Hoi Brigitte, bedankt voor je lieve woorden! Ik maak enkel de pokemons van de eerste generatie, nummers 1 tot 151. Misschien dat er in de toekomst nog een paar bij komen, maar dat kan ik nu nog niet beloven 😉


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