#112 Rhydon

Hi Guys!

After posting Rhyhorn a few weeks back, i now have the evolution for you! I made him with the same grey wool and had a bit of a strugle with the open mouth.

I’m working on some collages of all my pokemon and working my way through a LOT of new orders that came in through etsy. I have to say that until now i didn’t have the time to write down more patterns. I tried out some of my drafts, but i still need to write them down properly because now it’s scribbled down in my little notebook, so hang in there!

So for now, enjoy this Rhydon and as always: let me know what you think!




#085 Dodrio

Hi Guys!

Happy Easter Monday!

You know what? After Dodrio there are only 5 pokémon left!

i wasn’t able to make the legs of Dodrio strong enough to make him stand up, so i had to photography him sitting. I hope you like him, sitting or not!



#076 Golem

Hi Guys!

Off course it would be to simple to just crochet a green ball with some arms and legs and call it a day. I tried to give this Golem a more patch-like look by crocheting a lot of different pieces with a lighter shade of green on top and a more darker green in between to give it a feeling of more depth and structure. After that i sew them all together quite tightly and added the arms, legs and head.

Although it seems like a rather simple pokémon i turned out to be much more work then i anticipated. But it’s one more i can tick off my list!



#065 Alakazam

Hi Guys!

This week i have this super cool pokémon for you: Alakazam! I really loved making him and i really loved how he turned out! I actually made him quite a while back, but just now came by to take pictures of him and share him with you.

I thinking of writing down a pattern for him as well, so let me know if you would be interested!

At the moment it is crazy busy at my work, so i don’t have a lot of time to take on any orders in my etsy shop. I really hope that i will have some more time to write down new patterns and take on new custom orders soon!


Thank you guys for all your nice comments and positive feedback on all my posts!


#078 Rapidash

Hi there!

Here in Belgium it was a wonderfull sunny day today. I think Spring has finally started!

This week i made Rapidash for you. It took me a long time to figure out how to shape the body. I tried some different techniques and ended up with this! i really like the way the legs flow over in the body without seams. It gives rapidash a realistic and ‘mature’ feel in my opinion.

How do you like my rapidash? I always want to know what you guys think about my creations 🙂



#146 Moltres

Hi Guys!

Here in belgium it was a holiday week last week, so i went skiing with my parents in Switserland, Saas-Fee! I think it’s about the 10th year that we go to saasfee, so it’s pretty familiar to us, which is nice because you know all the nice spots to ski, eat and relax. It was snowing quite a bit on the second and third day, so we had a lot of luck with all that fresh snow to ski in!

After 2 weeks of not posting a pokémon i decided that i would share the last of the legendary bird pokémon with you: Moltres!

I spend a lot of time constructing the wings. I crocheted the base and some basic feathers, which i strenghtened with pipe cleaners. Then i used felting wool in yellow, red and white to create the flames on the wings, head and tail. I used a very basic felting technique to attach the felting wool to the crocheted parts.

so that completes my collection of the legendary birds! Let me know what you think about moltres! And which one of the legendary birds do you like the most?



#111 Rhyhorn

Hi Guys!

Today i have another Rock type pokémon for you: Rhyhorn. I made him while i was on vacation in Spain with my family.

I tried to give him that spikey-metal look by making a lot (and i mean A LOT) of different Pieces and sewing them all together. Mission accomplished in my opinion! What’s your opinion?

Only 10 more pokémon left to share with you! do you already want to know which one i’m going to share next week? It’s a bird pokémon with lots of flames 😉 comment if you know which one!



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