Finished collection – 151 crocheted pokémon

Hi Guys!
i Finally came around to finish this collage of all 151 first generation pokemon i’ve made in the past 5 years!
So this is a complete look of my entire collection, i hope you like it!

Thank you so much for all your support and likes these past years. I never thought that so many people would like my pokémon (and i never thought i would actually finish this project). It has been great knowing that you guys are out there and that kept me motivated to finish this project! I would especially like to thank my boyfriend Sam, who was the one that pitched the idea and kept me sane all this years (you know it’s kind of crazy to be with a person who is crocheting ALL THE TIME). Also a big thank you to all my friends and family who endured me crocheting during dinner/parties/nights out… i think i will be forever be known to my friend’s friends as ‘that girl who crochets pokémon’.
Since the past weeks have been very busy at work and i now leave on vacation i will try to finish some more patterns by the end of august

I took a short break from crocheting but now it’s starting to itch again and i think i will start with some small projects soon!

so all I can say for now is THANK YOU!

pokemon collage complete.jpg



#022 Fearow

Hi there!

I’m back home and working on all orders i got last week on my etsy shop!

In the meantime I’ve created Fearow for you. I put a lot of work in the wings but they didn’t catch very well on these photo’s unfortunately.

I’m also working on new patterns and i hope to share some with you soon!



#135 Jolteon

Hi Folks!

Wow what a week!

Last month I quit my job in order to take my career on another path and so last week was my last week i needed to work for my previous employee. This week I’m on vacation in the Provance in France. Me and some friends are renting a house (which looks more like a castle) for a week to enjoy the sun and relax a bit. So it was a very stressful and busy week, with all the packing and preparing for this week vacation included.

I still found some time to make another pokémon though: This week i have the last eeveelution for you: the lightning pokémon Jolteon!

His head i maybe a bit large and round but I think that makes him extra cute!

So, let me know what you think about him while I enjoy my glass of white wine!


See you next week!


#127 Pinsir

Hi there,

Another week, another pokémon! And it’s time for a bug type: Pinsir.

I had so much fun making him and I’m really happy with how he turned out. I think the little details just make it: the little pins on the horns and the toenails are such small things that bring it all together.

IMG_1644Currently I’m working on Scyther but I have so much orders or custom requests that it’s taking me already more then 3 weeks to finish him. This week i made 2 raichu’s and a small charmander with a custom pokéball.


see you next week!



#136 Flareon

Hi There,

This week I have one of my cutest pokémon yet for you: Flareon! It’s another eeveelution and i really liked to make her! The flames are all felted and I combined white and yellow felt to create a more dynamic color and more a more flame-like texture.

I really want to know what you think about her!


After that i also made the sisters Anna and Elsa from Disney’s Frozen for my cousin 🙂



#073 Tentacruel

Here’s a new pokémon for you! 

Don’t you think he looks just evil? 



Have you visited my etsy shop yet?

#035 Clefairy



Hello there! 

A new weeks means a new pokemon and this week i have a super cute fairy one for you! 

First i wanted to make little fingers at his hands, but they didn’t came our right so i just let is like it is now. I was never a fan of clefairy or jigglypuff to play with in the games but i like them a lot in the series (can’t you just hear them say ‘clefairy clefairy clefairy’ when you see them?). 

This week i made a bunch of new orders to ship (including a gloom! yay!), and i’m so grateful for all the pokefans out there who like my pokemon so much they want one for themselves! I have to say that it is sometimes a bit stressful to make all this stuff while still have to study or coming home late from my lab (working for my thesis), but when i hear all the compliments or read the reviews about my pokemon it’s all worth it! 

If you haven’t liked my facebook page yet, i don’t think i can convince you to like it now but here is the link once again anyways:

i will try and post the poliwhirl pattern this week 🙂 

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