#135 Jolteon

Hi Folks!

Wow what a week!

Last month I quit my job in order to take my career on another path and so last week was my last week i needed to work for my previous employee. This week I’m on vacation in the Provance in France. Me and some friends are renting a house (which looks more like a castle) for a week to enjoy the sun and relax a bit. So it was a very stressful and busy week, with all the packing and preparing for this week vacation included.

I still found some time to make another pokémon though: This week i have the last eeveelution for you: the lightning pokémon Jolteon!

His head i maybe a bit large and round but I think that makes him extra cute!

So, let me know what you think about him while I enjoy my glass of white wine!


See you next week!



#026 Raichu

#026 Raichu


wow! i’ve been super busy with classes, new projects, and orders from etsy that i didn’t have the time to post a new pokemon. but here he is! very cute and cuddly!

P.S. i have over 100 likes on my page so far! if you haven’t liked it yet, here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/PokemonCrochetChallenge


#145 Zapdos

IMG_5111 IMG_5112#145 Zapdos

with a lot of sweat (it is way too hot here right now!) and tears, i finally finished my (so far) masterpiece! I had the most trouble with the wings, but they turned out pretty good. Now that i see the pictures, i noticed that there was something wrong with one of the eyes :p